Cricket- The Game of Cash !


‘Five thousand bucks on the mighty’ said Rana to his local bookie. He kept staring at the TV screen while biting his nails in a lucrative anticipation. The player of his ‘mighty’ team hit the ball with all the might it’s known for. The ball took a long high flight making rana’s heart skip an indispensable beat. Within no time the ball which was supposed to clear his debts was in the grip of two monstrous palms. A feather to his hitherto plight!’

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Needless to say, IPL days are the times full of entertainment and enthusiasm for cricket fans. But a look around will make you peep through the curtail of entertainment that gives you a horrifying picture. The picture of the circle of gambling business that operates in the backdrop of the Indian Premiere League. Is gambling all about losses and profits like any other business? Not by any means. It has list of social evils that is beyond the grasp of the civilized mind.
Gambling business is a dangerous and vicious circle. Inspire of risks of a doomed life, teenagers are the most vulnerable prey to it. They often start for basically two reasons. One that they are not in a position to earn by proper means or the sheepish urge to follow the trend. In the local scene it starts with some 500 to 1000 rupees. However as figures multiply, so does the curiosity of the teen to experiment with some more cash. He grows up with the addiction to gamble and becomes a pro by the time he can confidently spell the word ‘gamble’. His morality can only wait for him to lose notable fortune and regret an entire lifetime of mistakes to be rehabilitated. In the panorama of gambling, IPL, being popular and infamous is the protagonist.
The chain of gambling have staged many more professions. The innovative of all is the ‘match predictor’. It is hell of a profession that would leave anyone awed. The results of the match are predicted and gamblers risk their money going by the prediction. If risking money on the basis of a reason so unsure and unpredictable is not stupidity, then what is?

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Above all this menace, stand the corrupted sportsmen monitoring the gambling circle and playing in compliance with it. While they are projected as the warriors of the game, as the stars, they remain the spoilers of the very spirit of the game. Easy isn’t it? All you have to do is trade hundred million expectations of fans for some petty fortune. The ‘gentleman’ of the gentleman’s game doesn’t seem to be very fond of their title.


  1. Very good article. But whatever happens cricket is an gentlemen’s game even if some worthless trash do some betting. Everyone has their perspective because life is about choices you make.Every person is not bad by birth, the circumstances around him make him into a bad/goo person that we call them. We need to be sure about whether they preferred to do those stuff stidiously or not.


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