Creating Love Relationships

  • Akash Bhattacharya

There are different levels of learning, and we must learn some of them in the flesh. We must feel the pain. When you’re a spirit you feel no pain. It is a period of renewal. Your soul is being renewed. When you’re in physical state in the flesh, you can feel pain; you get hurt. In spiritual form you do not feel. There is only happiness, a sense of well-being. But it’s a renewal period for…us. The interaction between people in the spiritual form is different. When you are in the physical state…you can experience relationships.

We often found countless couples and families who had been suffering in their relationships. What all needed is the communication to understand each other at deeper levels. Some needed to revise their values and priorities.

It is only through love, one can weave its intricate tapestry.

Love is not an intellectual process but rather a dynamic energy to create relationships, a relationship between the same sex or the opposite ones.
So we must learn to receive love as well as to give and only in community, only in relationships, only in service we can truly understand the all-encompassing energy of love.


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