How to Create Your Own Signature Casual Day Look

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It’s a new era in fashion. There are no rules. Your personal style can be anything you want it to be. It can be girly and flirty or edgy and chic or bohemian or a mix of all of these. Clothing is a form of self-expression. The key to creating your own signature casual day look is to know what you want to express. Let’s look at some ways you can build your signature look.

Get to Know Yourself

The first step to creating your signature look is to know yourself- where you live, your personality, your body type, your bone structure, your attitude. These factors help you to distinguish your own choice of style. Midi dresses, off shoulder tops, baggy ripped jeans, band t-shirts are pieces that suit any body type, are comfortable and easy to style in different ways.

Get Inspired!

Inspiration is everywhere, not only on Pinterest. It’s in the street, the people around you, the way you live, your experiences.  Pay attention to what interests you, whether it’s a particular color combination or a print that you like. Go through people’s Instagram and see what you like. If you like a celebrity’s outfit think about where you can find similar pieces and style it however you want to and make it your own. Shay Mitchell is one celebrity whose looks are easy to recreate.

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Remember Old is Gold!

It is important to be updated on the latest trends but remember some things are classic and never go out of style. So raid your own closet and experiment with vintage style. There are some staple pieces that never go out of style. These include a simple white tee, some comfy old pair of jeans, a leather jacket, a pair of denim shorts, some black boots, a simple black dress etc.

Mix it up!

Once you know what you like experiment with it. Mix different elements that you think will look good on you. If you see a white tee think about different ways you can style it. How can you make it unique? How can you accessorize it? If you find an interesting print, try to visualize what you can pair it with and how it would look on you. Try new things when you are building your wardrobe. Don’t just confine it to one colour or style. Incorporate both street style and high end items.

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Accessorize It

Don’t underestimate what accessories can do to your outfit. Some statement boots, sunglasses or a chunky necklace can take your simple t-shirt and jeans outfit to a whole new level. If you are wearing a simple sweatshirt and jeans, try some white sneakers and a baseball cap and you’re good to go.

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Be You

Remember to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. Wear what you are comfortable with, what you like and don’t think about other people’s opinion. Your signature look depends on your mood and where you’re going. As long as you feel confident, you will look good.



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