Conservation of Nature

Conservation of Nature

The first solution of conservation of Nature would be eliminating the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil. Though, this is a very difficult task. Still, a major part of our population depends on coal for making food. Apart from it, half of the world’s electricity ID generated from coal. Oil, on the other hand, acts a lubricant of the global economy. Without IT there cannot be a movement of goods as well as consumers, it is fundamental to transportation. So, eliminating the burning of coal or reducing dependence upon oil becomes a serious challenge. But, We should address the same needs if we are to protect the climate. Though, there is no perfect solution for reducing their use. But we need to employ its alternatives whenever it is possible for us like using plant-derived plastics, biodiesel or wind power.


Too Much Construction
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The buildings across the nation carry the pride of emitting one-third of the greenhouse gases. Cement is required in great quantity for the construction of these roads and cement is the major source of greenhouse gas emissions as it includes heating of limestone and other ingredients which release various harmful gases. U.S alone contributes to around 50.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere through the production of cement. Though the production of cement cannot be reduced but more improved techniques can be used in place of it like using alternative fuel for heating up limestone. This can certainly lead to a substantial drop in the emission of greenhouse gases.


Air Pollution
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Transportation has been considered as the second leading source of greenhouse gases. It forms the basic part of our daily life, from driving bike, car to driving trucks, tractors. There should be a reduction in the use of these vehicles. Instead of driving to work or schools, one can either take help of public transportation or best would be switching to cycles or if possible travelling distances by foot. This would have a considerable cut in the greenhouse gas emissions.


Air Pollution
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The easiest way to have a check on gas emissions is simply buying less stuff. By doing so, fewer fossil fuels would be burned to extract that commodity, lower fossil fuels would be used to ship the products. Another way is to impart green thinking while purchasing anything. For example- If we are to buy a new car, we should buy the one that will last longer and that would have the least impact on the environment. Thus, using a hybrid engine would offer higher fuel efficiency and will alone save the environment. Also, while purchasing grocery we can buy in bulk which will reduce the amount of packaging which is in the form of plastic wrappers or cardboard boxes.


Cutting of Trees
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The most important step we need to take is that of stopping the cutting of trees. Every year, around 33 million acres of forests are torn down. In the tropic, alone timber harvesting contributes to 1.5 metric tons of carbon which amounts to almost 20 percent of human made greenhouse emissions and is a source of emission which can be avoided relatively easily. We need to improve agricultural practices accompanied with recycling of paper and forest management that includes balancing the quantity of wood taken out of new trees.

If still, We won’t do anything, then it will be getting worse. The shift to better environmental conditions would not happen overnight, it will require a lot of tough and challenging decisions. Conservation of Nature is necessary. So, We need to find a new sustainable path towards our better future.

Nature is Beautiful and we should admire it.

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  1. After reading this article I get aware of how humans destroy the Nature for their own needs and comfort .like deforestation, cutting down trees in large scale for their own purpose. this all activity need to stop.

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  2. I see that when the winter is coming, many neighbors of mine are searching for cheap wood to ensure the home heating during the cold season.
    Maybe they forget the fact that wood is biomass , which is considered a low-carbon energy source, but when burning, wood releases some greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to the air pollution along with the fossil fuels.

    On I read that energy crops are well suited for residential heating during the winter because they are cheaper, cleaner and way more efficient than wood.


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