Confidence V/S Over-Confidence


There exists inside everyone a hidden phase of overconfidence, to which they unknowingly call ‘Confidence.’ And I happened to realise the same when I, myself had an experience through it. And my that very experience made me take an hour to pen down the difference between the two words that are similar yet have meanings poles apart. There seems no scarcity of people who often fail to understand the difference between this so-called ‘confidence’ and ‘overconfidence.’

So let’s get started with knowing their definitions followed by the differences. If you think that you are aware of the difference between the two then, you may turn out to be wrong. Because though the two terms have meanings poles apart, there lies a minute difference of a fine line. Confidence is all about, ‘Oh! yes, I can do that’ while, overconfidence is about, ‘it is only me who can do so.’ One must always be adorned himself with confidence instead of trying to overestimate his own capabilities.


The best example to explain many worthy lessons is the hare and the turtle story, where a slow and steady turtle manages defeating the peaceful hare. And one such worthy lesson is of the confidence and overconfidence. Turtle because of his confidence with ease accomplishes success while the hare influenced by the overconfidence fails miserably.

I’d take up a few instances to explain the major differences between the confidence and overconfidence are as follows:

# Significance of listening to others

A man of confidence does never mind lending his ears to someone. He finds it a pleasure and an event of honour to get a chance to listen to others. He understands the importance of words. He thus promotes the motion, ‘I must listen to others.’
A man full of overconfidence finds it as an disrespect and dishonour to waste time in listening to something that others say. He thinks of himself as ‘the know it all man’ who does not have to worry to lend his ears to anybody else.

# Perfection

On one hand, a confident man knows that no one here is perfect and he must thus accept and learn lessons from his mistakes. He must also vow of not repeating them again in future. While on the other hand, the overconfident man thinks of himself as Mr Perfect who can never make mistakes.

# Respect and Attention

There lies a vast difference between respect and attention. There are many amidst the crowd who fail to realise this difference. A man who has in himself a thing called confidence, he will seek respect. He will give and always accept nothing above respect.
But, a man with overconfidence seeks attention above all. He doesn’t mind people badmouthing about him. He just cares to be in the spotlight.

# Think and speak

Anyone who has confidence knows the significance and impacts of his words over others. So, he always thinks and checks his words well before uttering them out of his mouth.
While a man of confidence thinks of himself as a great knowledgeable man. He considers himself as someone who knows everything and thus he doesn’t even think before speaking.

# Ability to do something

A man with self-confidence accepts the challenges because he had prepared himself for the same well before. And thus,  he doesn’t mind giving something a first try.
While an overconfident man has a myth that he can complete the challenges readily and easily and he doesn’t need to get prepares for anything.


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