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Concerts are something which are a must attend in everyone’s bucket list. Seriously, if you haven’t been to a concert yet, be it a unique singer, a band or even the hard –rock DJ, your life is incomplete. So if you are still pending in that task go ahead right now and plan one. But before stepping towards your laptop and finally clicking on the book tickets icon, do make a research; are you actually going to right one? Does this concert, really come into your specific category and the most important question; are you even safe standing in the humongous crowd with thousands of strangers screaming into your ear?

Well the last question came into my mind when I went through the daily newspaper and other related news articles, telling about the mishap happening in the recent Delhi University annual fest’ concerts, with major North campus colleges covering the headlines but in a negative outreach.

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Starting with Hansraj college, being one of the most famous colleges of the Delhi University clan, it had its annual fest which highlighted Diljit Dosanjh in one of its concerts, but it lasted for only fifteen minutes. A gas leak and a stampede caused Punjabi actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh to cut short his performance at Hans Raj College after just 15 minutes. As the swelling crowds became difficult to manage, cylinders kept near the stage for visual effects began to leak while some electric wires caused a short-circuit, and panic ensued. Not only DU students, but outsiders also came in large numbers to watch Diljit’s performance at Hans Raj College on Monday, which resulted in unruly crowds. Navjot Kaur, a Mata Sundri College student who was there, was trying to find her friend told, “I was standing in the front. Mujhe barricades se current laga toh main peechhe bhaagi, mere slippers bhi wahin reh gaye. Sab log humare upar gir gaye thay. We thought that this is Hans Raj, everything will be well-organized, but this isn’t what we had expected.”

source: The Times Of India

Moving on to the next and the most popular college of University of Delhi, Sri Ram College of Commerce had its famous annual fest ‘Crossroads’ highlighting big Indian singers like: Armaan Malik and KK, but they were also not behind in making a negative headline, their surfacing around a girl from the same university attending the concert being sexually harassed in the middle of concert.

source: The Times Of India

The question arises: what makes the International concert different from an Indian one? Being a major fan of international artists it’s my dream to attend one of them and in the previous year Coldplay making a headline along with Jay-Z and Demi Lovato was a complete package of surprise for me. But unfortunately I couldn’t attend it and watching it on TV made me lose my regret tag. 80,000 people being given hyped up tickets reaching upto 50,000 a person and the rest of them “enjoying” it standing in all single rows which reached up to like 5 miles where people at the back had their 5000 wasted because they couldn’t even see a speck of anyone standing on stage. Going online I found the same band tickets set to play in Australia which was held in a proper stadium where everyone could witness and enjoy, being way much cheaper.

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You want a way too hyped ticket concert highlighting an international band, where those people stand in the front who even don’t know the lyrics of any of their songs and the last of the people regretting every speck of their penny spent, ask India, these people wouldn’t let you down.


Well then what makes the international concerts so special? It’s the proper management. With concerts taking place either in an arena or a stadium, proper seat numbers are allotted to every enthusiast attending with a strict security check taking place in every corner. Not having a loophole like the Coldplay one in which a person without a ticket can persuade the guard in the native language and gets a free entry without getting a security check.

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It is not that we should completely ignore the Indian ones, but a proper management with tight security check and seat numbers or zones being allotted would make them a lot better, so that none of us have to think even twice to plan to attend one.

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