Comics and Art Lover Alert! You have to Check this Out!

Comics and Art

Comics and Artists

Who doesn’t love comics? We all still have a knack for comics and these artists are making them so relatable and realistic that we cannot help ourselves from adoring all of them absolutely! Have a look and enjoy 🙂

1. C. Cassandra 


Image Source: C. Cassandra in real life

We all know how it is like to survive the daily struggles of being a girl, that too in her twenties, right? This Artist knows it all and it can be seen in her comic artwork. Trust me you will love her work totally for being so relatable!

2. Sarah’s Scribbles 

Sarah Scibbles

Image Source: Sarah Scribbles

Another girl trying to survive her life and having a bunny Rabbit as her muse? Say no more! And check out her comics!

3. Gabriel Picolo

An Art by Gabriel Picolo

Image Source: An Art by Gabriel Picolo

For all my Art lovers out there with a tinge of animated comic art from, you will definitely adore this Brazil-based artist. He creates arts and comics on his page and boy, they are magical! From constellations to Gothic animated characters, you have it all!

4. jude_devir 

Jude Devir

Image Source: Jude Devir

Now this one’s a little different and a way cuter reason to love him. This artist characterizes his wife into a series of art to show the simple little things in married life. P.S You will love his superhero artwork too!!

5. The awkward Yeti

Awkward Yeti

Image Source: Awkward Yeti

Well, this artist will help you convey the feelings of your organs talking to you and believe me you, they are equally adorable! Check out his page to know more and pick out your favourite comic by the awkward yeti 😀

6. Brown art girl (sam_madhu)

Sam Madhu

Image Source: Sam Madhu

Have to mention this artist, she isn’t a comic artist necessarily, but her artworks are something out if the box and is challenging for a contemporary society like ours. Check out her works and you will admire them surely.

Decided who’s your favorite or love them all? Check out their works and get it on!

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