Hello guys…
Imagine a world that is just black and white. Your dress, your bangles,watch ,tie,suit,gown,wardrobe ,candy,house, walls, cake are all just black and white. Wouldn’t it be mundane to even imagine such stuff?

So, this week we are gonna look at the significance of various colors in our lives . We are also gonna look at some of the scientific reasons for choosing a colour for a particular purpose.So lay back and enjoy the journey of your favourite colours…
Green lovers it’s your day today.

Green has been the symbol of nature, health and prosperity since many centuries .It was thought that the territory having more greenery would prosper more than it’ counterparts.
Apart from that, Green is thought of as a positive colour . So no wonder in traffic lights we have Green which signifies “go”.
Also no wonder many of the countries share the colour Green in their flags.The olympic flag also have a ring that is in green.
Did you know why surgeons wear green aprons during a surgery?

Lets see why..
It is said that “Green” colour has a significant wavelength which enables us to see things more clearly.
It is known that during a surgery, it is the vision that is the surgeon’s biggest weapon .Previously , surgeons used to wear just pure white but it had many disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantage of wearing a white apron was that ,the surgeons have to stare at the blood and the blood vessels for quite a few hours continuously which hinders their ability to identify any colour other than red.So,viewing Green or Blue frequently will enhance their sight and hence enable their ability to see the blood clots and vessels more clearly.

Coming to the negative perspective of Green,most people relate yellowish-green shades with “unfresh” or “unhygienic” stuff. Characters like Disgust in the movie “Inside Out” depict the negative portrayal of Green.

I think it all depends on the perspective . Some people believe that black is a colour while some believe it is just absence of colour.It all depends on the person and his/her perspective towards different things and her/his memories associated with that particular colour.
So make sure you make judicious decision before you


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