Codes: The Gateway

  • Sudipt Agarwal

Codes and code languages have been used since ages to pass secret information which is vulnerable to theft or which needs to be saved from forces considered evil with not so good motives for misusing that information.

Even to this date, codes are used by the various good and bad powers existing in the world for successful completion of their task. The goals might be hugely different but the use of codes is constant. One simply can’t deny the assistance provided by codes during covert operations or otherwise.

The recent revelation has created a buzz across the globe. Scholars have deciphered a Dead Sea scroll written in Hebrew code. They found that it contains a part of the 364-day holy calendar. This code has left even the scholars in bewilderment as even they can’t figure out that why this scroll along with few other scrolls has been written in codes.

The discovery hasn’t answered questions as much as it has created. Serious brainstorming is required to reach a conclusion which justifies the creation of codes in these scrolls.



People usually say that the future has many secrets encapsulated in itself. Little does the human race realize that the past is equally mysterious and believing the fact that we have unfolded every stone is nothing more than a scornful illusion.

These questions when answered will definitely open very new opportunities for research in the field of history and science. Was there a different civilization trying to attack the existing one? Was there any kind of secrets which were left to know for the future generations which are very necessary for growth and development of the world?

Well, let’s hope, someday, we can smile while having a cup of coffee when all the secrets are right in front of us creating a stupendous amusement!





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