CNN : White house preparing to Ban Jim Acosta Again


Recently in the US, the White House had suspended its press pass by accusing a senior CNN senior journalist of behaving badly. After which the American judge had asked to restore the press pass. But now the White House can suspend Jim Acosta’s press pass again.

In this case, a letter sent to Acosta via the White House said that the order of the judge’s order was given to give him ‘initial decision’ to suspend him. The White House argues that Acosta did not follow basic standards with U.S. President Donald Trump.

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Earlier, according to CNN, the US judge ordered the White House to restore CNN’s journalist’s access to the White House. Indeed, there was a scathing nagging between American President Donald Trump and CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. White House termed Acosta’s behavior as bad and insulting.

Acosta and Trump had said during the meeting that the CNN correspondent did not consider the President’s directive to sit down and asked continuously to inquire about their views on the group of the growing middle-class American migrants towards the US border.



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