When our Parliamentarian busy flying the papers in the outburst of alleged Rafale scam targeting to the speaker’s chair in the house where. elsewhere rest of the western world in busy in concerning about saving and securing the future of their people against the biggest challenge standing against humanity “ The Climate change”. Whether Emmanuel Macron brave effort levy taxes on the fuel to attain people interest towards the renewable source of energy although it was termed as naïve and backfired him in the result of protests which locked down the city of Paris. And now across the Atlantic there a Proposed Green Deal making headlines drafted by the liberal Democrats of U.S


The green deal is an audacious effort by Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez in the form of a document. New Green Deal drives the potential mechanism to make the American Economy run on the 100% renewable source of energy. The deal aims the objective of getting away country from the use of fossil fuels with the plan based on detailed national, industrial, economic mobilization machines.

The deal not only focused on the environment but also laid the all over improvement of average; American life through “ basic income programs and universal affordable health care which is been took its financial backing from laying taxes of wealthy class make it document a complete social document.

Although this deal already discarded already by some like the energy secretary in President Obama Administration and nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz called who remarked this deal an overambitious and, unworkable and completely impractical. But this deal despite having some elements of impracticality should be considered as an overwhelmed attempt but eliminating the 100% dependency of Americans on the fossil fuels is seems more like unachievable notion due aspect like deal completely ignores the elimination of all the use of fuel on the planes, cars, and cows and military. Alexander Cortez herself agreed on the contention while replying to an answer to the FAQ(Frequently asked questions) on the FOX news where she said: ” in the 10 years we aren’t sure that be able to fully get rid of farting cows and aeroplanes as fast”. She also said deal aimed to not eliminate all zero emission in 10 years but the net-zero per cent, whatever will be the fate of her idea but Cortez attempt should be appreciated with open arms.


The New Green Deal
The New Green Deal

The talk of Green deal in the U.S is telling how  Western showing keen in interest and accepting the “Climate Change as the biggest challenge standing upfront against survival years of humanity, Another side of the globe there still much ignorance towards the climate change especially in the South Asia, where more 10% of the world human population resides. Prime Minister Modi is vocal about this challenge but never his government looks interested for the environment with the falling plan like Namani Gange and cut in budget convey the idea like the Economist argued this week that issue of climate change has to become the part of the political spectrum where have to be part of political parties manifestos like in the U.S this new deal will be democrats one of political tool but where India I haven’t seen any debate on the floors of Parliament about concerning about the environment.


Don’t worry we will wake up in like every time in October, news channel will debate on this, supreme will ban crackers makes the environment “Seasonal Dish” and that’s how the political spectrum aimed for next might be coming 10 years till then Delhi Private hospitals will keep on thrilling with the  new admission of lung cancers patients in their wards, cars carrying on jamming the roads of metro cities, deeper the metro lines go, rapid illegal construction will undergo a rural population will leave the countryside and forced to shift to narrow lanes of cities being harsh to say this what our governments will be aiming for its people in this great nation. Where one day might supreme court will say in judgements “Right to breathe clean and fresh air is also a fundamental right that governments have to provide.

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