Why A Cliche Novel Is One Of My Favourites


In her 5th novel on the Macleod family, the USA today’s bestselling author brings out centuries of lies, deception, loyalty, chivalry, valour and love. The story is an inspiration for all those writers who are trying their luck in writing best-seller romances based on time travel.  Romances surpassing centuries being her forte, Lynn Kurland is the winner of over 10 awards.

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The book has been written in the third person. It is necessary in order to know the multiple incidents happening in different time periods. The book shows how true love rises above all obstacles. No matter how huge or strong they are. The story is about how two people, by the sheer strength of their love, manage to fight the world of hostilities against them. Including a clan of unfaithful soldiers, a hostile cousin, a widowed sister-in-law, a clingy fiancée, a deceased uncle, an overprotective brother-in-law and above all, time. The book has been set in both medieval and modern Scotland and modern England.

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The book begins in modern Scotland where Sunshine Philips, the female protagonist is more than satisfied by her modest existence in Scotland as the Macleod healer.

All she wants now is a simple Scottish highlander who would take care of her. And give her an excuse to live in Scotland. But when she opens the door, she finds the handsome Scottish Cameron laird at her doorstep, who had come to fetch help for his dying brother.

Despite the centuries of differences separating them, Sunny cannot stop the fluttering of butterflies in her heart when she sees him. But then so can’t Cameron when he sees Sunny. A bloody war with Cameron’s cousin and the struggle that follows ensures that Sunny returns to the present, alone. Heartbroken, she picks herself up to move on when she sees Cameron. The only problem is that Cameron shows no signs of recognising her. And the differences separating them have not lessened with the centuries. Will their love be able to conquer the impossibilities? Will love be able to win against time?

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Though the book is a part of multiple books on the Macleod family, the reader gets the gist of the story even if they’ve not read the other books. Be warned though, the author’s books are highly addictive. Once you pick it up, you won’t be able to keep it down. The story is one of my personal favourites. Because it has been successful in making me believe that love conquers everything. The book is a must read and must buy for every person who believes in love. For those who don’t believe in love, you sure will after reading this masterpiece.

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