Why Games Like Clash Of Clans Are So Popular


Everyone you meet today knows what Clash of Clans is. And what’s more, chances are that half of them play the game at least once a day. With over a hundred million downloads, it’s only natural to wonder why games like these are so popular. Well, read on to find three probable reasons why games like these are so popular.

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Nurturing: Ever since we’ve decided to become a little more civilized, we humans have this basic tendency to nurture. Be it about growing plants or protecting our family, there’s something about sheltering a life that makes our heart glow. And games like these give us a chance to nurture our own villages and form whole armies.

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Butchering: Partly from our need to protect and the majority from our feral need to hurt, humans are obsessed with violence. Ever since the beginning of time, wars, conflicts, and battles have been a part of our society. These games provide a way for us to channel our primitive instincts into socially acceptable ways. They give you a chance to experience the thrill of a battle, experience the ups and downs of kingdoms while sitting in your superficial, secure world.

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Networking: An added benefit of some of these games is that they help you make new friends. Games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale have an added feature of clans. Clans bring the reality a step closer, making it seem as if you’re a part of a medieval clan, by loyalty, and valor. There are often options to chat with your clan members. Though these are usually to coordinate (especially during wars), the players often find great friends during this process. And there’s this added benefit of finding people just as obsessed with the game as you are.

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Well, whatever be the reasons behind loving it, the truth is that these games are sure gaining popularity. With something new happening every single day, it’s no wonder everyone is obsessed with games like these.

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