‘Smoking is injurious to health’. This is something we get to hear from the very early days of our lives. There is a long list of diseases that are a consequence of smoking, which includes cancer, respiratory diseases, lung problems etc. Smoking is such an addiction that is very hard to let go of. Cigarettes have been the prime source for smoking for many centuries now. Along with cigarettes, cigars, an exquisite variety of cigarettes, and bidi, the local Indian version of the lower class also falls into this category.

Although we automatically tend to link smoking with cigarettes, the modern technological innovations have given us another of its inventions which makes smoking possible. Known by different names like e-cigarette, electronic – cigarette, e-cigs, e-hookahs, mods, vape pens, vapes, tank systems, and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), this source of smoking have become quite popular during the last decade.

With the emergence of a new type of smoking product in the market, comparisons and contrasts between the two have become very common.Here is a list of some of the similarities between the two –

  • Although going by different names and technologies, they are both ways and means of smoking.
  • Both are injurious to health, although the degree differs, the accurate measurement of which is yet to be determined.
  • They both contain nicotine as their prime chemical component.
  • Both of them cause addiction to the people who undertake them.
  • The smoke released while smoking either cigarettes or e-cigarettes are injurious to the health of those who inhale it, resulting mainly in lungs problems.
  • Both ways of smoking have become the cause of some serious fire breakouts in different periods of time.
Although there are some similarities between the two, the list of dissimilarities runs much longer. Some of them are –
  • While smoking a cigarette has no other name, smoking e-cigarettes are popularly known as vaping.
  • While cigarettes have only one particular name, apart from the likes of cigars and bidis, e-cigarettes go by different names as already stated before.
  • E-cigarettes are much more cost efficient than cigarettes.
  • It is also said that the hazards to health caused by e-cigarettes are very less than that of cigarettes because they contain very less amount of tobacco and other chemicals.
  • E-cigarettes come in different shapes and size like cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Some even resemble pens, USB sticks and other everyday items.
  • Many people are of the opinion that vaping helps people to get rid of the habit of regular and chain-smoking as it contains very less amount of tobacco.
  • Apart from nicotine, the other chemical content of both the products are completely different.
  • Studies have also shown that e-cigarettes have only 1% chance of causing cancer as compared to cigarettes because of the very minimal amount of tobacco that it contains.
  • While health studies from the UK have expressed its favour towards vaping and recognises it to be 95% more safer than tobacco cigarettes, US seems to be more sceptic towards it.
  • Although tobacco cigarettes still reign as the more popular product, the popularity of e-cigarettes seems to have increased much more among the new generation nowadays.


Whatever may be both smoking and vaping are injurious to health. They cause us no benefit. Choosing one among the two is just like choosing one evil, one harm above the other, which is not advisable at all. Rather than playing with our life and health by indulging in them, it is much more preferable to preserve our health by keeping ourselves away from them. After all the intellectuals have already said – “Health is wealth.”

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