Choksi’s Letter to the Employees


Gitanjali Gems Ltd promoter Mehul Choksi who along with his nephew Nirav Modi is accused in the Gitanjali Gems Ltd promoter Mehul Choksi who along with his nephew Nirav Modi is accused in the  Rs11,400 crore fraud in the state-run Punjab National Bank (PNB) has told his employees to look out other opportunities elsewhere as it would be tough for him to clear their dues and pay future salaries, in view of the seizing of the various properties and bank accounts by the government agencies and investigating agencies.

“I will face my destiny and I know I have done nothing wrong and ultimately the truth shall prevail,” Choksi wrote in an email, released by his lawyer Sanjay Abbot yesterday.

“But, I do not want anybody to get even a shadow of adversity or injustice onto the people just because of their association with me. At this moment, the investigating agencies seem to be interested not in a fair investigation but in creating a fear psychosis within my employees. The kind of unfair treatment, unfair investigation, media frenzy and political statements are making me highly insecure about the safety of myself and my family members,” he added.

“The letter was written because everything has been sealed/seized my client is not in a position to operate any account to pay the employees. So it was written to tell them that they are free,” Abbot told ANI on Saturday.

He also said that he was in touch with Choksi. “Yes, we are in touch. That is a privilege communication between me and my client, I am not supposed to disclose. I have no idea where is he,” he said.


The CBI and the ED have registered two FIRs each in the case. Both Choksi and Modi left the country before the criminal cases were lodged against them. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has suspended their passports for four weeks.


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