Graduating With Choices: Dilemma of every student

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For the last one month, I have been waking up every morning, miserable, because I can no longer stand the thought of going to classes.

Hello, I am 21, about to graduate in a month, and honestly done with student life. I crib and cry, moan and groan so much about the classes scheduled for the day. Not a day goes by when I don’t tell my friends that I cannot do this anymore. And knowing that I am not the only one who’s miserable has stopped working.
I barely survive through each day of misery only to go home to bed so that I can revisit it all again tomorrow. And again the next day. And again.

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No, I love the course I am studying. Have found some of the best people at University. And the Professors here make us feel like one of their own. I have always been a good student, never running low on attendance. The sort who might not know everything but would still know a lot of things.
But things have changed now.
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I dislike attending classes now. And I cannot figure out why.
But life would have been simple had that been my only problem.
Even when I have zero intent to attend classes, I still don’t want to leave college.
Why you’d wonder.
Because I am scared.
Change is scary.
And I’m not scared to accept that.
I don’t like attending classes anymore. But it’s not just me, I know there are others who feel like that. In my class. In yours. 
I know because the attendance everywhere drops as we near the end of the academic year.
We’ve stopped turning up for classes; what for, we ask ourselves.
I have been attending classes. Whether I’m paying attention to what happens there is a different thing.
But still, I’m scared to quit.
Almost every day I ask myself, what is more frightening – the thought of being miserable day after day at a place that no longer caters to the fire within me, or the thought of an unfamiliar job that awaits me?
My mother tells me that is always better to be scared of the known, than of the unknown. 
Sure, I may be unhappy right now, but what if my job makes me even more miserable when I join? What if it’s not the decision I will be proud of? 
Now consider the alternative view.
What if a new job turns out to be awesome?
My new bosses would actually help me succeed?
My new job would make me wake up happy and excited to go do a job I love every day? 
That is the description of the ‘change’ that I am scared of right now?
There are only two ways hereon. I can either change what future could be like, or I can change my attitude about it. 
Either way, the power lies in my hands.
With me. 
Within my mind.
And I won’t know unless I make a choice.
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