Even farmers in China can build their own Bazookas !


Who told that Chinese are only good at making phones and other cheap electronic goods. They can even build their own Bazookas at home.  And guess what, they are not manufactured not in the urban dwellings like Beijing or Shanghai. They were hand made by farmers in rural areas.

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Entire land in China is owned by state itself. They can lease it anyone or snatch away from them anytime, in case they need it. Farmers too, should lease land from the government only.

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If any real estate developers or industrial tycoons, eyes any portion of land for their own interests. They will use their political influence and bribe government officials to meet their ends. The compensation paid to farmers is very mere. They can’t fight against the brutal Chinese government who can make them disappear without any trace.

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However a farmer named, Yang Youde in Hubei province decided to fight all alone for fair compensation for his land. Here fighting doesn’t imply, approaching a court in-order to have justice. He had done something which is unimaginable. He built a block house on end of his farm, which provided him panoramic view of his field. With the help of his family and friends he made his own Bamboo Bazookas, waiting to launch them when government officials show up. Finally the day arrived, a demolition team of nearly 100 members wearing helmets entered his farm. When they started demolishing his house he fired 2 shots from his block house towards that team. Like hell , who will expect to receive such a deadly thing from such a poor farmer, they were shocked and ran away from the field.

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On  second day for his own safety in close range, he made some petrol bombs. Soon after that deadly incident took place, local police intervened in this issue. They warned Mr. Yang for using such weapons against government officials and took away remaining from his possession. At last Yang succeeded in securing a fair compensation for his land. Don’t mess with farmers ever, they’ll make you pay if you do any harm to them.

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