Chinese Couple Held In Mumbai After Diamond Found Inside Woman’s Stomach


The 3.27-carat jewel was recuperated in India after it was carried out of the United Arab Emirates inside the stomach of the lady.

A Chinese couple who stole a precious stone worth 300,000 dirhams (about $81,000) from a shop in Dubai were captured inside 20 hours from the Mumbai airplane terminal, experts have said.

The 3.27-carat precious stone was recouped in India after it was pirated out of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) inside the stomach of the lady, an authority was referred to as saying by the Gulf News today.

The combine, in their 40s, stole the precious stone from a gem dealer in Dubai’s business locale Deira and fled the nation.

They were captured as they were traveling to Hong Kong through Mumbai. The couple was taken back to the UAE in participation with the Interpol and the Indian police, the day by day said.

The police discharged recordings of the observation cameras in the store, which demonstrated the couple entering the gem dealer in Deira’s Gold Souk.

The recording demonstrated the man diverting the staff by getting some information about stones of specific determinations while the lady was seen going towards the passage. She was seen opening the glass entryway of the presentation and afterward taking the white-shaded precious stone.

Colonel Adel Al Joker, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, said the couple admitted to taking the jewel.

An X-beam check demonstrated the precious stone in the lady’s gut. An authority specialist was brought in to control an answer to recover the precious stone, as indicated by the report.


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