Weird phobias-Which makes your eyebrows go up!


Being a student, we fear for exams.Being a college guy, we fear for a job.There are number of fears in every individual at every stage.But fear from the childhood, Throughout their life is something to be considered.Some may develop due to their past experiences. Some grab from their elders, some due to their inability to face it.At times, some phobias are found to be silly, even weird.Here are such phobias.

Ombrophobia-Fear of Rain

A strange anxiety towards rain.They fear on the appearance of dark Blue-black sky and the frequency of rain.They are part of specific phobias.It is the fear of how frequent it rains and the sickness it creates.It is also named as Pluviophobia.As said, Fears are caused due to bad past experience which had induced heavy impact on their Heart and mind.It is the fear of how frequent it rains and the sickness it creates.

Globophobia-Fear of Balloon

Strong aversion towards Balloons.They fear to the Popping sound of balloons.They even avoid the feel of touch and feel about Balloons.It is a common one but classified under uncommon phobia and find mostly among children.They even avoid going to the events and parties that involves balloons.At times, they fear of air inside the balloon too.It seems the silliest one, but very deep dread.

Gelophobia-Fear of laughter

Gelophobia is dread towards laughter, like even laughing.It is also known as Geliophobia.They get more anxious over comedy sequences and other laugh inducing situations.At times they relate themselves to all laughter they hear.It may be due to sour experiences or at times heredity plays the role.This phobia leads to the fear of laughing at, which is on other hand the more serious.It develops the inferiority complex and poor interpersonal skills.

Metrophobia-Fear of poetry

Metrophobia is a part of isolated phobias.People of this fear, hate every action with poetry such as, Writing, Hearing and Reciting too.It often gets developed with children at the stage of school.They tend to get this fear when they get discouraged on their first attempt in writing poems.This lead to fear of books at times.This kind of fear may pop out in various forms.Like, some may fear of the entire topics of poetry.Some hate poetry under a particular subject of matter.

Anuptaphobia-Fear of being single

Anuptaphobia is a specific phobia of being single.As the meaning indicates, its more common among youngsters.These people fear for rejection but on the other hand they love to be loved by someone.Surprisingly, It can be due to genetic factors.But, the major reason is found to be child abuse.People feel insecure to get into a relationship and also fear of being single.

Phobophobia-Fear of fear itself

And finally, the weirdest one is fear of fear itself.This particular phobia is linked to every phobia, especially Nosophobia, Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia.People of this phobia tend to fear of everything.Like fear of getting sick, avoided and at times being hatred.Most dangerous one as it doesn’tallow you to do your daily routine normal.


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