One at Fault and Many in Pain. Who is to Blame?


There have been many cases when the hard work of someone is ignored or shadowed by the cunning trick of someone else. Many fail to get the result they deserve because someone else chooses to cheat them out of it, whereas in many instances the people following the right and honest path are left behind by the ones who choose to take an injudicious shortcut instead. And then comes the blame game – who is at fault? Who is the cheater? Who was careless? Who chooses to ignore the early indications?

Very often it is one person or very few who gets involved in the misgivings but the sufferers are lots more. Such a classic case where many had to suffer at the hands of one (or very few) is the recent case of the CBSE paper leak. Reportedly, the papers of Class XII Economics and Class X Mathematics were leaked well before the exams, which forced the CBSE to conduct re-exams of both the classes in both subjects.

Although the main culprits are still out in the free air, the police are searching for them vigorously. Nearly 10 WhatsApp groups have been identified with whom the papers were shared. While the admins of some groups were students, some had tutors as their admins. Many are being questioned to reach the end of this chain of wrong doers to catch the one who initiated it all.

But the case doesn’t stop here. There are reports that CBSE got many tips beforehand the conduction of the exams about these leaks. They could have stopped the exams from taking place, thus saving the pain of sitting for the re-examination of several thousand innocent students. The Crime Branch of Delhi have confirmed that Anita Karwal, the chairperson of CBSE, received an anonymous mail containing 12 pictures of the leaked papers on the night before the maths exam of Class X so that the exam could be stopped; but the mail was completely ignored without any inquiry being done.

In the aftermath of reports of the leak being exposed, many students’ unions and students have taken to the streets to protest against the board ‘s decision of re-examination. But their appeal fell on deaf ears. It has been decided that the re-examination of Class XII Economics will be held on April 25 all over India, while the Class X math exam will be held only in Delhi and Haryana, the date of which is not confirmed yet, as the leakage is believed to be restricted to only these regions oonly.

But now the question is that who should be blamed for this chaos? The person who leaked the papers, the people who supported him /her and took part in this process, the students/tutors/teachers /parents who tried to benefit from these papers or the government and the board who choose to keep mum and inactive even though they had prior information?Anyone and everyone related to the case should be ashamed of their actions or rather inactions, which has caused great misery to thousands of students and their parents across the country who were completely unaware about these happenings but will still have to suffer the brunt of it.

This incident clearly shows how the innocents are commented to suffer in the hands of the guilty in many instances. The protests will serve no end as the board is firm on its decision of re-examination. I feel bad for those who have to suffer without any fault. But what’s done is done. This case should serve as a lesson to the government and the board to be more vigilant in the future so that similar cases can be prevented and also that immediate actions should be taken if tips are given regarding any faults in the system or anything else even if there are chances of them being false. Nothing can be better than being aware so that the repetitions of similar cases can be stopped because in such incidents the fault of one causes pain and problems to many, disrupting their plans and lives and causing many disturbances.



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