The Changing Face Of Humans


Long gone is the day when there lived a kind of Homo sapiens that could readily do a life-changing favor to somebody else with a loss for himself. Also long gone are the days when you easily found a man who had conscience enough to do good to everybody. Then came a man of modern thoughts to do goods to a few and finally we witnessed a mankind who had no interest to have a thought to do good. And the advanced humans do simply everything possible to harm his counterpart.

Earlier the aim to be at the top made them work harder with thorough dedication. And today, that aim pings in the ideas of pulling others down to be at the peak. Those are the days departed when we had examples of humans who had guts to achieve what they dreamt of. Now you only come across the crowd of mean men who work hard a lot but, not to be at the top rather be at the top of the others.

The changing face of humans is an interesting thing to ponder over. With the developing techniques, the social animal has developed to such an extent that it has completely lost its true self. Materialism had evolved for the better while the psychology has developed in a complete economic way in comparison to the technologies and machinery.

Centuries ago the history was an eyewitness to the lifestyle that was devoid of individuality and separation. Earlier there lived a family of 20 people in one extremely large house and now you see a family of mere 2-3 people living in small cubical houses.

Sometimes, sitting on my bed I think of it. I wonder if we are moving towards a developed nation or an underdeveloped society. Give a thought to it once.


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