Yes, Changes Happens!


All through our lives, we face changes. “Changes are hard at first, Messy in middle, and gorgeous at the end”, says Robin Sharma. “Changes are constant” which is damn true to be accepted and move on along with it. Some are sweet, some are the pain, yet they make us mature enough to achieve.

It happens
Long back I found myself different
Seriously, I didn’t see me!
Not me!
I’m other girl
Another, beautiful, young, smart
And those chubby, cute girl, I was!
I never cared of people’s views
Completely care-free
Independent girl
Those hands with toys and crayons
Face with paints
Those colourful smile
That Charming attitude
Play full looks and actions
With every moment of naughtiness
And sudden fall while walking
Laughing by my own failures
Yet, No inferiority stuff
My mom’s betrayal
To win me in eating fruits and vegetables
Her tricks and funny works
My cry over things I want
And those mess I could create
Still wandering in my heart!
Entered next phase of my journey
Changes! It happens…

With my favourite back pack,
Classy notebooks, colourful pages
Funny pictures,
Hey, that “Blah-Blah” Rhymes
How funny they were!
Slowly, and same energetic
Growing, growing
Finding myself grooming one inch higher
But, those Exams, OMG!
That fear of Papers, Marks, Grades
Uffff! Exactly it was hectic days of mine…
It’s a crime if I don’t remember the partners
Who was climbing along with my thorns and knifes
Some stay, Some disappear
Few teaches, Few loves!
Entered my next memorable phase
Changes, It happens…

It was cool to enter college
You get that pride of having enriched maturity
The anticipation of heavy books,
Small letters and long sentences!
Packs of assignments
Periodic assessments
“Why do you pass school?! Just to these stuffs” – Thoughts hitting hard!
“Haha” laughs my buddies
Yes, the circle
The loop I drew
Really “Am I that lucky to have these people?”
Night chats, long drive
Plan failures for tours,
Which is literally funny one!
Not to be forgotten
Gang wars! We ourselves
Portrait to be superheroes and heroines
To be remembered
So sweet hear
Love in college
Either groom our life
Or fails it!
Either makes us more romantic
Or at times rude!
But, always evergreen one!
Maturity grows!
We learn to see life
We get to know us!
Heaven of life is always this phase!
Changes happen!

“Changes is inevitable, growth is optional”


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