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When the pen is your bullet, when speech is your missile, when words are your grenades ….  You have all the power in this world to fight the wrong- You are a journalist. When a firm reporter with an inquisitive mind seeks answers to unattended questions in the midst of media, glamor, power, politics and the game of fame; he serves his nation.

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In the current volatile circumstances that Kashmir witnesses – certain reporters were attacked while they covered the election story. And a reporter was reportedly killed in this incident. This does not deter our determined journalists to stop coverage of hostile environments. In fact, it is through media that Kashmiri youth voiced their concerns about rising unemployment and garnered countrywide support

It is not always guns that make the surroundings hostile, sometimes people have more explosive than arms. The recent spurt of Twitter trolls of journalist Barkha Dutt shows how difficult it can be to be at loggerheads with prevalent ideologies. The journalist has always criticized for her anti-RSS stance and her fierce independence comes at a great cost. As we appreciate brave journalism here, one name worth mentioning is the editor-in-chief of India TV news channel – Rajat Sharma, the famous news anchor who cuts through political agendas and ministers to bring out the real purpose.

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In a nation that now witnesses the great emergence of a single leader and his party as a harbinger of change. It is important that media plays its role of critical evaluation of government programs and policies. Whenever you are on the side of the majority, it’s time to rethink; because those who don’t like to think, go with the majority.

“The courage in journalism is sticking up for the unpopular, not the popular”



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