Cancer treatment will be done in district and village, this is the government’s new plan


Cancer can be treated in small towns, villages, districts, and towns. Yes, the government is also providing facilities for the treatment of these diseases in the hospitals of the districts. Indeed, non-communicable (non-infectious) diseases include heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Due to these diseases, most people in India are victims of death. Given this horrors, the government has released a guideline under the PPP model. On the basis of this guideline, treatment of these diseases can be done in the hospitals of the districts with the help of private hospitals.

Policy commission member VK Paul said that the cost of treatment in the PPP model will be equal to the cost under the scheme of Ayushman India. They said we are bringing such a model to further strengthen the supply side. According to the WHO report, 61 percent of deaths in India are from NCD. We are aware of this and, therefore, we are preparing in district hospitals for the prevention of these diseases.

Ayushman Bharat: everything to note

Both government and private hospitals will be included in it. This will be a review model. Private hospitals will bid for this. It means they will tell the government, the cost will be the lowest, the first project will get. The hospitals which are already in the district will be improved and raised if needed, new hospitals will also be made there. According to this guideline, the role of both the central and the state government in providing this service is 50:50. Finance will also be on this basis.


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