Cambridge Analytica Informant Spills It Out ! : These Parties Are Inked


Cambridge Analytica informant Christopher Wylie on Wednesday asserted that JD(U) had benefited the administrations of the information mining company’s parent organization SCL’s administrations in 2010. Recently, he had told a UK parliamentary board of trustees, Cambridge Analytica had been utilized by the Indian National Congress.

He composed on Twitter: “I’ve been getting a lot of solicitations from Indian columnists, so here are some of SCL’s past ventures in India. To the most as often as possible made inquiry – yes SCL/CA works in India and has workplaces there. This is the thing that cutting edge imperialism resembles.”

While the slides don’t say some other gathering, they do expressly name Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) as a customer in 2010.

The tweet read: “SCL India was requested to give appointive research and technique to the 2010 State Elections for the Janata Dal (United). SCL embraced a behavioural research program focusing more than 75% of family units to help the customer in distinguishing the right battlegrounds, as well as the correct crowds, messages and in particular the correct standings to focus on their crusades’.

The slides assert in addition to other things:

  • SCL has a database of more than 600 areas and 7 lakh towns, which is always refreshed.
  • – It did a rank statistics in Uttar Pradesh for the benefit of a national gathering in 2012.
  • – SCL India embraced a statewide (200 million) in 2011 in UP to distinguish voter standing by family.
  • – In the 2009 Lok Sabha decisions, it dealt with the crusades of a few MPs.
  • – In 2007, SCL did a full political review in the interest of a noteworthy gathering.
  • – In 2007, they did a task, to help a ‘trans-national program for countering the non-wanted conduct of enrollment into brutal jihadism. It was done in Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and UP.
  • – In 2003, they did a psephological study and conclusion surveying for the national gathering to distinguish swing voters in MP for a national gathering.
  • – In 2003, they completed two bits of work, an interior review for a noteworthy gathering to evaluate its hierarchical quality, and one to discover another to discover the idea of the voting populace.


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