8 year old U.S boy drove his little sister to McDonald for a Burger


What you heard is really true. 8-year-old boy in Ohio, U.S.A drove his 4-year little sister in a van to McDonald to get a burger.


They both had their dinner along with her mother that night. However, that little boy saved some space for a Burger. His mother refused to get him one when he asked for. Nearly at 9 P.M, his father returned home after long hours of work, and soon fall asleep. His mother too slept thinking her children were already in bed.

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Those kids taste buds craved for a burger. So, they left in his father’s van to a nearby McDonald restaurant. Firstly that boy took his little sister along with him to the van and started their Burger ride. He drove nearly 6 Kms to reach a restaurant. He entered the shop with a piggy bank in his hand, workers in the shop thought their parents were sitting in the van. But later they noticed that there were none in the van and that kid drove himself to shop.

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His neighbor saw him driving the van and reported it to the police and his parents. What’s the more amazing thing here is, he learned how to drive, by watching videos on YouTube. Later when police took them into their protection and questioned, he told them the same answer. He drove nearly four lanes and across a railway track. He didn’t even made a single accident and followed all traffic rules on his way. Everyone were amazed and thanked god for them.Finally his parents rushed to police station and brought them home.




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