BSP Leader’s Son Ashish Pandey Booked For Wielding Gun During Brawl At A Hotel


Ashish Pandey the son of a BSP pioneer has been reserved for supposedly wielding a weapon in the lobby of a five-star lodging here, a video of which circulated around the web via web-based networking media, police said Tuesday.

A dissension about the occurrence was gotten by the police Monday from the collaborator security supervisor of Hyatt Regency Hotel in RK Puram, following which a Look-Out Circular (LOC) was issued, they said.

An FIR was enlisted for the situation, a senior cop said.

The occurrence happened in the early long periods of October 13, police said.

In the video, Ashish Pandey, who is the child of BSP pioneer Rakesh Pandey, can purportedly be seen shaking a firearm in the anteroom of the inn, the cop said.

Pandey hails from Lucknow. The injured individual told a news channel that the man with the weapon strolled up to him and disparaged.

“A man with a firearm disparaged us and strolled up threateningly. I was threatened and terrified. The lodging staff were available at the spot. They attempted to mediate however couldn’t as they were likewise frightened,” the injured individual guaranteed.

The police said it had issued a Look Out Circular and furthermore reached their partners in Uttar Pradesh.

Joint Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) Ajay Chaudhary said on the episode occurred on October 14 at 3.40 am.

“No objection was held up by the person in question and the lodging staff around the same time. There is carelessness with respect to three gatherings – the person in question, lodging specialists and the denounced,” he said.

“The police have enlisted a case. We are organizing with the UP Police and groups are paying special mind to him. We have included the pertinent segments based the video. A Look Out Circular has been opened up for him,” he said.

He said the police are additionally attempting to follow the person in question.



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