Who says Indian women are victims of physical abuse by men? Is there still somebody so imprudent to believe in the concept of “Abla Naari” ? Well, there may be many who still believe the fact that women are being harassed and beaten up by men.
But it’s no more a secret what happens behind the closed doors..It’s the women that excel even in beating their husbands with a stick or two.Yes! You read that right.

According to a recent survey done by the UN , Indian wives ranked third of all the countries in beating their better halves. Egypt ranked first followed by the United Kingdom.
Beating includes involvement of not just hands but some props as well which include-knives, pins,belts, shoes, weapons and all time favourite kitchen tools. Next time you want to converse something critical to your wife make sure she is not in the kitchen or you might get to taste some of her new weapons!

Jokes apart. For those who believe that women are an incarnation of the goddess “Kali” it’s party time because you have got an evidence now.
It’s a scientific fact that everything has a saturation point beyond which it’s behaviour is unpredictable .Same is the case with women .After ages of tolerance against the cruel assaults by men it has become impossible for women to bear it anymore.

I think it’s high time we all reawaken the feeling called “humanity” and respect our counterparts to build up a blissful society.


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