Broken Dreams: How To Kill Dream!

Broken dreams

Believe me or not, killing a dream is not an easy job. But as we(Indians) have mastered almost every aspect of life, how could we be left behind in ‘Killing a dream’. And that’s why when it comes to this, almost no other country can stand in front of us. Hence, Broken Dreams are part of our lives.
So if you are an Indian parent and still don’t know how to kill your child’s dream, you have come to the right place.

The Journey of Broken Dreams

A Child's Aspirations
Image Source: Small Mind, Dream Big

First, you ask your kid what he wants to become. And you’ll hear a pilot, an astronaut, a teacher, a footballer. Rings any bell? Don’t worry. Initially, support him by saying YES!YOU CAN!!!!!
A few years down the line, just observe some random kid in the society and see him getting success in engineering or medical field. And with this observation, start changing your beliefs as well as your child’s by saying

But the Reality is something different

Image Source: Reality is different

After hearing this, maybe your child will come up with something like
“But I want to become a writer”
Or you might hear
“But I want to become a journalist “
Don’t loose hope, because you desperately want to see your child getting stuck in a 9 to 5 job. So at this point, refer to that random kid that you observed and made “your” decision and say
“Look at him, he is earning that much. And I have seen your writings. You can’t earn that much by just writing random things”
“Not anyone can be Arnab Goswami. Remain within your limits”

So Called Emotions

Emotional Pressure Looming Over
Image Source: Emotional Pressure Looming Over

At this point, support of your wife is very crucial. Make sure she is ready for something like
“Please try to understand a child that your father is working so hard and for whom. It’s for your own good. Please dear, do what he says.You don’t want to hurt his emotions. Do you? So, Now go to sleep. You don’t want to be late for your admission in engineering college”
And that’s how ladies and gentlemen, you kill a dream.

No doubt this has been happening in our country for years. And then we wonder, why can’t we qualify for football world cup or why can’t we have world class writers. Because the striker with the best potential is working in an engineering lab or your best writer is cutting a dead body.
So, It’s high time that we understand what we are actually doing in the name of a career.

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