“You can close your eyes to the reality but not to memories.”

We all have memories, be it the almost forgotten bittersweet memories of high school or the sunny memories of our recent birthday bash. While some bring a smile to our lips, no matter what we’re going through, others still have the power to break our heart into pieces. So, when these memories are brought back, it seems as if the world just stops whizzing for a minute, to acknowledge the magnanimity of the moment these memories were made. What brings back these memories, you say? Well, the usual suspects might be photographs, videos, audio messages and that park bench you used to sit on. Following are apparently three trivial pieces of our lives, which have the power to bring back memories.

Scents: Well, this one is pretty obvious. Scents have the power to bring back memories from the darkest recesses of our mind. As Isabelo Toledo says, “Perfume is a way of stopping time. You smell a beautiful scent and you remember something.”

Be it memories of watching your mother put her favourite perfume on (wondering when you would be old enough to do the same), or be it the sweet memories of a first love, scents never fails to bring memories back.

Sounds: As they say, “Each memory has a soundtrack of its own.” And be it sad, happy, romantic, feel good or party songs, we all have some memories of these songs playing in the background but that’s not all. A song not even associated directly with a memory can bring back really powerful memories. Remember that time when you were sad. And then the first song on your playlist seemed as if it was tailor-made for you?

Bring back memories

Tastes: Well, food can bring back memories. Why? Because food is awesome. Remember that favourite chocolate you and your best friend used to share. Or that friend’s tiffin box you used to sneak into classes? Now, every time you eat those again, no matter how long it has been, you will always remind those moments.

With all these in your army, who says you can’t bring back time? Time can be bottled up in a jar of perfume, it can be slid into a song. And it most definitely can add flavour to your food. And be it a happy memory or a sad one, memories are what make life worth experiencing. So, the next time a random memory hits you, indulge in a moment of simply raw nostalgia, instead of running away from it.

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