Bride Trafficking


When the glow of turmeric fades,

Dark bruises takes its place.

Her doli becomes her janaza.

Her mehndi becomes her shackles,

Her skin becomes her prison,

And her mind starts to ebb away.


She stands their broken, waiting

For her death standing in the shadow,

She escapes in her mind,

In her mind, she goes deep,

Deep into the layer of isolation

And mixes with her solitude.


But she decides,

She decides to change her fate,

Soon her muffled voice turns into a scream.

For justice, if a judge will not hear,

It will ring in the ears of victims.


With the rise of the new dawn,

She will also rise.

Rise until she ends the horizon,

For pain for others,

She will rise, rise until she gets,

What she deserves.


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