Brett Kavanaugh took oath as Judge of the U.S. Supreme Court


Just hours after the Senate’s confirmation of appointment, Brett Kavanaugh took oath as the judge of the Supreme Court of America. The 53-year-old Kavanaugh’s appointment was confirmed by the Senate with 50-48 votes. On Saturday evening, the Supreme Court’s Chief Judge John Roberts administered the oath to Kavanaugh as 114th Judge of the Supreme Court.

Justice Roberts administered a Constitutional oath in the conference room of the judges to Kavanah. At the same time, Associate Justice (retired) Anthony M. Kennedy administered them the judicial oath. During this time,  Kavanaugh’s wife Ashley Kavanaugh was holding the family Bible in her hands. Both daughters of Justice Kavanaugh Liza and Margaret and her parents were also present at the swearing-in ceremony.

In connection with the promotion of mid-term elections on November 6, President Donald Trump, present in Kansas, congratulated Brett Kavanaugh on phone after confirming the appointment and swearing in. Trump told reporters, “I congratulate them. The fight fought very well. I mean to say who thought that something like this would have happened … Did they not got anything?


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