Break Ups: A Phase of Life!

Break ups

Being in a relationship is always a beautiful feeling. Those late night conversation and early morning wishes becomes part of our lives. Those excuses and lies behind meeting up every day. Those kisses which used to take our breath away. Those flowers which used say something more than the words. Those day dreaming of our lovely future. All this looks so beautiful until a day which comes unexpectedly thrashing all our dreams away. Break ups are the day for which none  of us are prepared. It is the practical reality of our lives which is really difficult for us to accept. Break ups broke us from inside out. It all boils down to frustration, depression and anxiety.

Sleepless nights

One of the major set backs after break ups are sleepless nights. People find it very difficult to sleep at nights. Most of the time they are haunted by reality they are living in. Tears tend fell regularly until the moment we are back at sleep again.

Seeking Sympathizers

The mindset of every person after his break up becomes so negative that he tends to find sympathizers everywhere. It’s not only you who has faced this situation. There are more people in the world who has seen the worst and still coping with it. Sympathizers may be your friend but most of them used to make the fun out of situation.

Travel is the best medicine


The best medicine to overcome your break up is to go on a trip. Travelling is regarded as one of the best experience of human life. Travelling heals your internal pain. While travelling, you often meet new people where you hear some new stories. The stories which gives you a new way of thoughtful process. The positive thoughtful process towards your life. A new bond of love towards nature.

A break up doesn’t mean an end of a life. Life is a beautiful journey if you enjoy it. There are many turns in it. Some are tricky and some are hard. You will never know if you don’t turn into next one. Break ups are just an experience of our lives which teaches us stand tall in most difficult situations of our lives.

Move on



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