BrainWashed ?

Three years ago an Advocate was shot in Kutchery, Allahabad in a broad daylight by a Policeman. The Advocate was Muslim (for those who only believe in religious and caste-based posts), the ruling party in UP was Samajwadi Party and Indian Government was under Congress’s control. I wrote a post back then when I heard people say “सपा सरकार में गुंडई तो होगी ही”.

I wrote stop politicizing the issue because whatever happened was because of their personal rivalry and it’s not Government’s fault because Government can only check people they are not supposed to stand next to everyone and catch bullets. People called me a liberal, सपाई, etc. Today I told the same thing when a relative Advocate was shot near Manmohan Park Allahabad and now I am a brainwashed Sanghi. I don’t care what I am. If being a सपाई or संघी is what it takes to write a sensible post in the moment of chaos and distress I am more than happy with it.

On this moment I recall an incident when a young girl named Gurmehar Kaur posted her photo with a placard on which it read “Pakistan didn’t kill my father, War did”
that was something unreasonable because we know the history and malicious activity going there but Indian Media made her a Hero and made her a brand of Peace. (No Mother Teresa you are not)

Just sit in a corner and think before you blame a person, it may hurt. To clarify I think Modi and Shah had committed a lot of crimes, I know how they are dodging it and I also know the History of Congress SP AAP and BSP etc. The point I am making here is India’s party system is bad and by bad I mean atrocious and recently in my Politics workshop I learned that the Government is the reflection of people. So let’s become nice people instead of passing the blame. It takes a lot to speak for a greater cause and I am ready to face criticism!

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I write what I think. My views are personal, if you like it well and good if you don't just ignore it and move on. I am a photographer, a professional one. Professionalism is all I have and I take it seriously. How professional am I? I can do my Girlfriend's Bridal Shoot. "Without Crying" In conclusion I would like to say that ignore what you don't like and Make India a tolerant country.


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