Born in America is not enough for American Citizenship, Preparation for Change of Law


President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he wants to end the constitutional right, due to which every child born in America gets self-citizenship here. In an interview on ‘Axios on HBO’, Trump said that his intention was to ban the guarantee of citizenship for non-citizens and children of unauthorized migrants.

With the birth, the arrangement of American citizenship has been done through the 14th amendment, which was approved after the Civil War for the purpose of giving US citizenship to the blackies released from slavery. But after getting the challenge in the court, it was used to guarantee citizenship to all the children born on American soil.

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This statement of Donald Trump is being sharply criticized. The Republican Party of Trump itself has been criticizing itself too. In an interview given to Axios, Trump said that the birth of natural citizenship will end and this work will be done through a government order.

Trump said in his interview, “I was always told that you need to amend the Constitution, a revision. The first thing you do not have to do this. Secondly, you can do it through Congress. But now they are saying that I can do this only through a government order. “

Beth Wernellen, executive director of the American Immigration Council, said, “No President can change the constitution with his pen. The provision of congenital citizenship can be terminated only by a new amendment in the constitution. “



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