Books: Our Buddies

Books Buddies
  • Ayushi Jaiswal 

Books, since ever have been our only friend standing right beside us is the situations good as well as bad. They don’ count upon if we are good or bad; don’t judge us if we are right or wrong and also don’t criticize being selfish or selfless. In short, when trying to give words to its goodness, we can only say, “there is no friend as loyal as a book.” We would fail even partially express a book’s importance in our life. They have always played a very significant role in our life. Packed with knowledge, insights, a boom is a combo-pack of secrets to happy life, life lessons, love, fear, prayer, care and helpful advice.

Someone once said, ” when you open a book, you open a new world.” Everyone would surely agree to the worthy line aforesaid. When we are reading a book, we are completely lost in it, forgetting about the present around us, forgetting about our day to day issues and regular problems and everything that we do worry about every day. Today, for the majority of people, books have become a part of their everyday life. It has forever been a best friend who would never walk away from us.

We have, for many centuries been befriend with books and would have been unknown to our precious histories, our ancestors, their deeds, cultures and civilization and almost everything else that would have been a past to us. This peaceful development would have never reached its peak if, the intellectuals wouldn’t have had documented their studies ever? The books have been a guide to improve our standard of living. They have been entitled as the “man’s best companions” and a friend in a real sense. They demand nothing from us, in return for giving us an ample of joy and knowledge.

The books take us into a different world of imagination, fantasy and creativity. People get pleasure from various things. But the reading of books gives us something different, something more than anything and the real pleasure of life. Making us forget ourselves, they have the power to give is a new life. Through them, we get a chance to live a new character every day. Anyone who says they have only one life to live, must surely not know how to read a book.

Books have always been a gift to mankind,  giving so much with no demands in return. They have always helped us to develop our personality, enhancing our knowledge, confidence, living standard, social life and everything related to knowledge. It has also given us a platform to play with our words, thoughts and imaginations.

One needs to be really careful while choosing a book to read. Just as a coin, reading books also have two different impacts. Book reading can be positive as well as negative. Good books develop in us many good and inspirational qualities. While the bad ones just spoil our taste and thoughts. Books, magazines and journals do not bore us. They make our life happy. It is only a sincere reader of good books who knows what divine pleasure he gets from reading books. He is also loved by others for being so knowledgeable.



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