How Bollywood Entertainment is all about Song, Dance, and Visuals?

  • Navneel Maji

It has been said that only thing runs in the box-office and that is, ‘entertainment.’ The interesting fact is the components that decide whether something makes for an entertaining film are generic. The same formula runs repeatedly. Let’s look at those:

Music and songs:

1) Musicals: they include actors dancing around the trees to jumping up down to the beat in a party. It has been the central element of Bollywood culture. The main reason why it continues to be so is that it has always been a part of the entertainment. Now we have proper theatres and IMAX, but earlier people would sit on the group or on loose chairs. Therefore, when they would see their actors dancing on-screen, how could they have prevented themselves from throwing their hands and legs in the air off-screen? Secondly, it is an alternate source of revenue. So in times when the movie doesn’t run, the music videos and songs compensate for that.

2) Film-music: This criterion is often overlooked that how diverse our Bollywood film music is. They have now started calling it as a new genre, though it does not have any specific rhythm or anything. Earlier we had only classical songs; R.D Burman experimented with Rock and Blues music, now we have rap and Electronic music. We also make adaptations of old evergreen songs. Even a non-professional singer can sing with the help of auto-tune. Therefore, this diversified culture of music helps in the overall


1) Set: the Bollywood films are obsessed by clean spaces. The shots are either taken in properly organized and fabricated studios or shot in abroad in London, Switzerland, etc. This is the case even though the most of the country is unclear.

2) Sex, drugs, and violence: Nothing sells like these in the entertainment. The censorship term for that is the vulgarity. No matter how much censors try to prevent that, the directors’ find some ways or other to show that on screen.

3) Use of VFX: the very idealistic and dreamy movies of Bollywood heavily rely on the use of visual effects on screen. Whether it is hero beating all the bad guys within a minute with extraordinary fight scenes or the magnanimous background scenes, it would not be possible without Bollywood.



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