How Bollywood depiction of Judiciary is not correct

  • Navneel Maji

Given the mainstream Bollywood show anything but the real picture of the society, it is not surprising that they misrepresent facts so often. Recently, the Hon’ble Bombay High Court had asked to remove three scenes from the recently released movie, “Jolly LLB 2” as they represented the judiciary. The portrayals were often exaggeration for the dramatic effect. Let’s look at those false constructs in the court and the judiciary process so that you may spot them next time you watch one, and not get misled by it.

The first misconception that is there in society – and party rose by those Bollywood flicks – that you could get away easily with a law degree. You need not study hard. We see people recommending hopeless parents who earned poor grades to make them do law; possibly send abroad so that people wouldn’t know that you’re doing it.

This is false as the competition is equally tough as every other stream. Many times we have to read as many as three authors for one particular section or a topic because the interpretation of all the three authors are different and it is important for us to know the maximum situations in which a particular section may be applied. They even have to give up on quality time with friends and family to establish their career because reputation plays a vital role.

The depiction of procedure and how the result is announced is totally wrong. The courts do not entertain any last minute appearance of evidence or witness. In real life, the judge may not even consider this kind of drama. Secondly, the final say in all the matters of court comes from the judge, and not from the lawyer (remember that ‘Tarike pe Tarik’ monologue by Sunny Deol) or the witness. In addition, the lawyers have very little to present their point – no scope for getting sentimental or filmy.

Thirdly, this the most obvious stereotype for the lawyers, that they are always liars so often shown in the negative light. In reality, they may not be sure fully sure that the person they are vouchers for is right or wrong. It takes days and months to come to conclusion as new evidences come to the picture.

Many times the client gives them wrong instruction or misled them – it becomes very difficult to be certain right at the start. Lastly, there are good and bad persons every profession and it is not right to generalize for everyone.



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