Body Language and Public Speaking

Communication is a very very essential part of the life of every individual. Humans are given the tag of ‘social beings’; and this identity comes from our ability to communicate and exchange ideas with our fellow humans through the engagement of different means.
The way we communicate with each other can be divided into two groups:- verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Speaking or spoken language is a part of verbal communication; whereas our gestures are part of non-verbal communication. Within the area of speaking, public speaking, which caters to speaking or expressing our ideas to a group of people is very intricately related to the personality of an individual.
If we want to set ourselves apart and identifiable in a crowd, we need to possess the good public speaking ability. And one of the most important aspects of public speaking which helps have a great hand in setting either a good or a bad image of us in front of the mass is our body language. There are certain body languages which sets a person apart from his peers in a positive way. Some of them are:-
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience
  • Use of proper and appropriate hand gestures
  • Angling the body with respect to the audience
  • An open and proper posture
  • Do not cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets. It gives away an arrogant vibe
  • Change facial expressions according to the speech
  • Keeping a smile on the face is even better. It gives a positive vibe and makes the audience comfortable
  • Moving around the presentation space to maintain good contact with the audience is advisable
  • Your posture should show your confidence and your control over the situation and not your nervousness
  • Overuse of hand gestures is be avoided
The aforementioned are only some of the important aspects of body language that helps to concrete a positive of a public speaker. But awareness of the audience, situation and ambiance is the base on which our body language should be modeled for us to be a successful and effective public speaker.

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