Blue tea v/s green & black tea


Blue tea might sound a name new to you but, you must have surely heard about the butterfly pea- leaf tea. Its a tea prepared using a plant famous in South East Asian countries. Renowned amongst the tea lovers since centuries came into trend recently beyond the indigenous regions. The blue tea is not famous just for being a new name in trend but, also because of its inherited medicinal properties and the popularity of being a plant readily available as a dye.

Let’s take some time to know a few things like what actually this blue tea is! Blue tea is actually a caffeine-free herbal tea made through the fusion of the leaves of lemongrass and Clitoria ternatea. One of its common names is Asian Pigeon Wings. The blue tea as mentioned above has been a home remedy as a memory enhancer, anti-stress and calmative agent as well as a brain booster for ages. It has also been used in cooking, coloring deserts and making vibrantly colored tea.

Now that we know that blue tea is a means of multiple benefits, we also know about green and black tea and their respective benefits. Let’s take a short glance at the beneficial properties of green and black tea.
GREEN TEA: one of the healthiest beverage on the planet, the green tea is famous for being a combo pack loaded with anti-oxidants and nutrients help to the human metabolism including improved brain function and reduced risks of cardiac arrest and cancer and fat loss as well.
BLACK TEA: tea being the second most popularly consumed beverage, includes the consumption of the benefits of the black tea. Its a medium helpful in cardiac issues, digestion and stress level management and kidney stones as well.

All the three black, blue and green tea are known to beneficial but, there is a question that must be pondering all the minds is, which among the three is best. If we compare the three, we’d realize the health benefits of almost all the varieties of tea are somewhat similar. If we take time to compare black and green tea, the basic difference between the two is that the green tea leaves are not fermented, unlike the black tea leaves. It also has contains 1/4th of the caffeine in comparison to the amount that coffee contains make it healthier. It also has low acidic contents thus, washing off acidic waste from the body.

Now if we talk about the black tea, it contains 1/3rd of caffeine that helps in hydrating the body and boosting the immune system. But, it contains acidic contents that require lemon juice to kill acidity. Human civilization has been familiar with green and black tea since ages, the latest trends are all about trying the blue tea. The tea experts share the following benefits of the blue tea :

  • its antioxidant property is one of the most prominent advantages of drinking the blue tea that reduces aging.
  • a small amount of tea is also beneficial in controlling sugar level in the body, thus, controlling diabetes.
  • it is also good for skin and hair. A small cup of it help look skin and hair good.
  • its also a great brain booster and energy drink.
  • helps man deal with depression and stress efficiently.
  • reduces the risk of cancer and also cures diabetes.

All in all, after a thorough study of the benefits of various kinds of tea, there comes one little conclusion that almost all tea have similar benefits.


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