BlackHole: The Everlasting Fantasy

Blackhole - Fantasy
  • Sudipt Agarwal

Blackhole? The concept of black holes has been one of the exciting, alluring and debated ones in the past. The theory has gathered the keen interest of many scientists and people otherwise. It still enjoys the same status through the researches and studies have been evolving the theory in recent times.

Recent news said that the first evidence of strong winds around black holes has been found. It said that when a black hole rapidly consumes mass, there is an outburst of wind as well along with the bright light.

I wonder, irrespective of everything if the existence of black hole is nothing but a mere illusion. What if there is no parallel universe but it is only a fantasy of many whose imagination goes beyond limits and in the same justifies the very vague ideas such as the concept of the black hole.

Blackhole- Fantasy


On the contrary, if such things do exist and if someday mankind is advanced enough to clarify each and everything, we will take a giant leap towards the future of not only our universe but also a parallel universe, but yeah, that is possible if and only if both the civilizations not only know but understand the meaning of mutual existence. Looking at the current scenario in the existing world, I suppose it is not more than a mirage.

There are dreams which can be true; there are dreams which can be transformed into reality; there are dreams which provide inspiration for advancement. The ironical fact somehow remains the same, dreams can create a chaos which can be devastating so each and every human existing in the entire world must realize a simple fact, working towards fulfilling the dreams is a necessity but analyzing the dreams and setting practical goals is a necessity too. Growth is important but sustainable growth with minimum consumption of resources must be the way ahead.    

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