BJP will rename Hyderabad if voted to power


The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath is in complete agreement with the BJP government to rectify the name of the city, places and institution by debating that these places were renamed after the Mughal invasion.

Yogi Adityanath started the renameing with a vision to bring back Indian Culture during his tenure as MP .Yogi Adityanath has publicly defended the change in names by arguing that these places were renamed after the Mughal invasion and it was high time their original identity was restored.

Yogi Adityanath rectified the names of many places. The following list gives us the of these places :

*Lahaladpur is now Alahaladpur
*Humayun Nagar is Hanuman Nagar
*Islampur became Ishwarpur
*Alinagar became Aryanagar
*Mian Bazaar to Maya Bazaar

Recently the most renown and largest city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad was renamed as Prayagraj after the cabinet’s approval. Although Prayaga was renamed  Allahabad in 1575, the name later became Allahabad under the Mughal emperor.

The BJP leaders also keep raising the demand for renaming Lucknow as Lakshmanpuri and also rename Hyderabad city as Bhagyanagar.
Earlier Hyderabad was Bhagyanagar and in the year of 1590, Quli Qutub Shah came in this city, later on, he changed the name of Bhagyanagar to Hyderabad.Yogi Adtyanath said in his report that at that time many Hindus were attacked and many temples were destroyed.

BJP have put forward the propaganda that if in the upcoming election BJP wins in a majority then their first aim will be developing the state and the second will be renaming Hyderabad as Bhagyanagar. They will also change the names of Secunderabad and Karimnagar.The state of Telangana is going to polls on December 7 while the counting will be held on December 11.

The name changing speer will hold great significance for India as the names of cities as well as railway stations have already been changed and if they continue being in power God knows how many more of these names will be changed in the future.

The Vision of Yogi Adityanath is definitely making a impact in the nation but as people are more habitual to call the people living in Allahabad as Allahabadi and the people  residing in Hyderabad as Hyderabadi, the renaming is causing a problem there. It will take some time to change Allahabadi to Prayagraji and the same goes for the other places too.


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