BJP Veteran Shares her Awful Railway Travel Experience


Written by : Arkabrata Bala

News of the opposition retorting out against the Modi government stream out quite occasionally but its probably the first time a retired member of its own house has taken a jibe against the apathetic conditions of the present state of affairs within the railway service that may have taken a bite at the BJP government before the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls.

Former Punjab health minister, Laxmi Kant Chawla spoke out on Wednesday about the horrendous experience she had while travelling on board the Saryu Yamuna Express. In her strongly worded video that has been going viral since then, she had vehemently reprimanded the Modi government about the disservice to the common people that has set the system inflicted with bribery and lack of conscience to jeopardy. The train she had been travelling was already late by indefinite hours and had changed routes without proper information to the passengers on board. The trains were in haggardly state- seats broken, dirty toilet seats and doors had to be manuevered with a lot of difficulty. She had even gone saying that chasing after bullet dreams is nothing but a sham when the trains for the poor are in an exceedingly maniac state. Her unflinching comment about Modiji to show concern for the poor for whom ‘acche din’ hasn’t yet seen the light of its day has spoken for her honesty and unrepressed views. She had witnessed youths holding engineering diplomas applying for menial jobs in spite of the country having 7 percent economic growth rate.

Mrs Chawla has additionally blammed the Railway minister, Piyush Goyal for not taking a note about the emails sent deluged with woes and complaints. The helpline numbers 138 and 139 are merely non functional. Mothers had been unbale to feed their children milk and deprived of the basic health facilities, left to fend for themselves. Hundreds of commuters were sleeping in the railway stations in the nail biting cold for want of waiting rooms. Corruption has degraded the infrastructure and has pervaded in every chasm of section in the procedure of work. She had seen Travelling Ticket Examiners (TTEs) selling tickets to the ticketless passengers with exemption.

The plight of the common people had made her ask the Railway minister to keep aside ensuring the luxury and convenience of travelling for the elite and travel like a commoner at times and rather staying unnerved feel the hardships the poor people are facing silently without any act of retribution.

Mrs Chawla was finally heard saying, ‘Andher nagri, Chopat raja’ ( Dark is the nation, wretched is the king).  

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