BJP Emerges as the Victor in Tripura

                 Biplab Deb – Next CM of Tripura By BJP?


Northeastern states, such as Tripura, are usually ignored on the national platform. People from the Northeast are, more often than not, victims of harassment and even assault, in other states. But now, that might change with the BJP. Having a national party at the helm of Tripura’s state government may mean that it may finally get the support it needs from the central government.

This is a huge victory for BJP since it has built its campaign from scratch in Tripura, which has almost always been a CPI(M) stronghold. The CPI(M) was the party in power for many years and its defeat can be attributed to the people’s disillusionment with Manik Sarkar, who has been the Chief Minister since 1998.

The new Chief Minister of Tripura is Biplab Deb, a former gym trainer and who is also connected to the RSS. He will be heading the BJP-IPFT government in Tripura, effectively ending the left front rule in the region after almost 25 years. The defeat of the left front has been described as ’embarrassing’ and ‘humiliating’.


Challenges BJP will Have to Overcome

The main challenges that the Bharatiya Janta Party will perhaps face will be with regard to the development of infrastructure, similar to all other Northeastern states. The hilly terrain and forested lands make the development of large-scale infrastructure near impossible.

Another important issue and perhaps a consequence of the previous is unemployment. The unemployment rates in Tripura are quite high. The lack of industries in the region is perhaps to be blamed for this.

It remains to be seen how BJP will effectively deal with these issues. These issues also plague many other parts of the nation and receive a lot of attention. One can only hope that the election of the ruling party of the government in the state will bring the problems faced by the state to the forefront.


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