You know nowadays, what keeps the struggling and hopeless teenagers alive? Apart from that never leaving a mobile phone or the boring scrolling through Facebook? – Binge watching. The series of adventure that the Netflix binge watching gives us is way more productive and provocative than watching the “naagin”. Aimlessly dancing throughout an episode or how another serial makes you groan by replicating and repeating it’s boring saas-bahu drama.

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Leave that Instagram update or tweet which would just add onto a list of memes on the actively building social trend. And watch something that can actually result in some life gaining experience.

So every week there will be at least one update on a new show available either on Netflix which is also now available in India. Or turn up to amazon 30-day pack to catch up all that you have missed. Afterall we do deserve a long break after back-breaking exams.

The first episode or update should start from someone who has made India immensely proud, our very lovely Priyanka Chopra starring in Quantico. With the first season already over and second season on-going, Quantico is American drama thriller series that premiered on ABC on September 27, 2015. Priyanka Chopra stars as Alex Parrish, a bright FBI recruit, who after graduating from the FBI Academy, joins the agency and later becomes a prime suspect in a terrorist attack on Grand Central Terminal. The cast includes Priyanka ChopraJake McLaughlinYasmine Al MassriJohanna BraddyTate EllingtonGraham RogersAnabelle Acosta as her fellow recruits, and Josh Hopkins and Aunjanue Ellis as their trainers at the FBI academy, Quantico, Virginia.


Not giving any spoiler, A group of young FBI recruits travels to the Quantico base in Virginia to receive training to become special agents. Unfortunately, some of them possess secrets that no one knows is probably the minor synopsis or rather the intriguing storyline that could garner your attention towards Quantico. Well if you are through with the first season the second season is on going and you can catch up on Star world every Tuesday.

If you’re a fan of Priyanka and want to watch her in something different from a movie, this is your destination. Here you can see the intense action, suspense, and thriller that not only Priyanka but her co-stars elicit with every episode keeping you on toes to watch the next one. if you are a big fan of suspense novels and cracking and deciphering the data, then Quantico is your hoverboard, climb on it and enjoy the ride.

So this is the first update or episode, there are many more binge watching options available especially on Netflix. Check them out and give yourself the relaxing time that you truly deserve.



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