Bihar’s love guru Matuknath is going to marry again, said – “My juvenility has porrected now”


Professor Matuknath Chaudhary, famously known as ‘Love Guru’, may have retired from the University of Patna, but he does not consider himself as an old age. He says, “Right now I am Ladka (boy) of 65. I will marry now.” Hindi Post Graduate (PG) professor has retired as the head of the college from B.N. college of Patna University. He also wrote himself as a “youth” on his Facebook wall, “Chadhti jwani meri chal mastani, I am 65 years old.

My youth has taken a bath now. My emotions have been extinguishing puberty from my limbs. People watch when I get up and running fast. If I walk, then my fingers are pressed. “‘Love Guru’ said,” There is no age for love. ‘Marriage’ is the word created by us. This is a really special love.

“He said that he will marry his disciple whom he would like to get married.” My happiness is that I am retiring in this climbing youth. People ask what will be done after retirement? Whatever is done in the climbing youth, I will do the same. This means that I will marry. The cruisers are very tight. Their movement has increased. My students are my parents They will decide, I will confess to them. None of them can be bigger than me. “


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