Sunil Grover to Quit Kapil Sharma’s Show ?

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The hangover of success lasts much longer than any hard drink. Even comedians can’t handle when life starts joking with them. Kapil Sharma is comedy and fame personified, and here’s what happened when he collided with success. 

On return flight from Melbourne to Mumbai, actor Kapil Sharma allegedly, had a heated argument with co-actor Sunil Grover, which might have upset the latter. Days after this incident, Kapil Sharma chose to apologise via twitter. It might have appeared to him that the “FAMILY” matter, will settle down without much ado. However, as the events unfold, the matter seems to only exacerbate.

The brawl took a serious turn when Sunil Grover wrote an open letter to Kapil Sharma advising him to treat people kindly. Perhaps, a series of events have provoked Sunil to remind Kapil Sharma   of how other crew members have also have a share in his success. Well, its time Kapil Sharma takes this Advil (read advice) to rise above his hangover!!!!


Dr Ji!!    ….  Itna bada prescription!!!!!!

As the most recent episode is shot in absence of the hairy Dr. Mashoor Gulati, its time the mess is soon cleared up. Falling TRPs will drag down both of these talented comedians, so its time they resolved their differences, as the channel and public watch. The love and humility which Kapil Sharma “NOW “displays on twitter might get him temporary public sympathy, but a change in conduct is what his team wants.  Climbed a mountain? Reached its peak?  Good!!   Now behave to remain there.

As the lava of Sunil Grover’s anguish and frustration burst out, Twitter is full of Gyan Gurus advising the duo to get together again. Whether Kapil wins back Sunil or not, only time will tell, as no one’s joking this time!!!!


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