Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

It’s Better Late Than Never ! An ancient proverb than tries to emphasize on a deep-rooted meaning about giving an attempt to the things significant within time rather than being too late and later on regretting the same. We are often told get over with the duties and works assigned to us within the requisite duration.

But we human beings, the smartest living organism is known so far are so very much interested in being lazy that we often do not realize that we are getting late on the due dates of the tasks inflicted to us. And sometimes we do not even bother ourselves with even a thought to complete them. We just simply sit ideally and relax.

Except a few, the main objective of the majority of the people is to just complete the tasks, not to compete. But our aim shouldn’t be so. We should try everything possible to get rid of the works on our heads by doing them readily and fleetly. An example that lets us understand the significance of finishing our works before its too late is one of the very famous folktales from our childhood, the rabbit and the tortoise one.

The rabbit despite being such a peaceful runner could not win the race because he was too overconfident of his talent and he was so busy relaxing that he did not even realize when the cat went out of the bag. But, the slow and steady tortoise won the race because he very well knew the significance of being late than never. It never stepped back from trying and gave his best. So, the result was in his favour.

Just as it is said all that begins must come to an end, the work started will surely be finished one day, though late. But, that would be better than never even giving your work a start. The slow and steady person may also win the race but, only when he starts the work. If a backbencher in a class is the most notorious, lazy and low scoring guy of the class that never means that education is not his cup of tea. If he starts to read every day with full determination and dedication, he can easily compete for the class toppers.

But, its all about not being lazy and must thus, start to work hard. Be late but, not the one who never even feels like trying and you can rule your reign.


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