Best non-medicated ways to get rid of Insomnia


Are you an Insomniac? Struggling to get out of this condition?
Well, practicing these pranayamas and asanas regularly would surely help you beat the disease.

Yoga asanas:
Hala Asana (Plough pose)- Helps to relieve from stress, and hence sleeplessness.
Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)- This one asana is very beneficial for all the insomniacs. It truly helps a lot to recover one’s sleep
Shirshasana (headstand pose)- Again, this asana is worth practicing for those struggling with sleeping issues. It relaxes the mind and releases anxiety, leading to a great sleeping experience.
Baddha konasana (the Cobbler pose or the Butterfly pose)- An amazing asana that leads to complete relaxation and relief from fatigue. And guess what, this is the easiest among all the asanas mentioned here and a person of any age can easily do this.
Shavasana(the Corpse pose)- Though it seems easy, but trust me, this is the toughest one as it requires one’s conscious to concentrate on one’s soul leaving the body and mind completely free from all tensions and worries. Well, that’s not easy! Still,“try and try until you succeed. ”

Coming to pranayama (breathing exercises). Anulom vilom..and that’s it! It’s good if one practices other breathing exercises as well, but at least this pranayama should be practiced regularly to overcome one’s sleep disorder.

Dadi ma ke nuskhe (Grandma’s tips)
-Consumption of hot milk mixed with turmeric powder and saffron might be helpful.
-A head massage before sleeping
-Shower before sleep (especially during

Note 1:- One cannot expect an overnight result. These non-medicated methods require regular practice and tremendous patience to help you combat the disorder.

Note 2:- Don’t allow yourself to get tired. Yoga is all about relaxing and not tiring. Never force your body to do an asana. Gradually, the body will gain efficiency and strength and will eventually improve through regular practice.

Practicing these yogasanas and the little measures will surely help, but eventually what matters is your steadiness and will-power to curb the disease. A stress-free mind and a positive attitude..that’s what you actually require to uproot not only insomnia but any, be it any deadly disease.

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