The Good Old Days – Three Places To Visit in Bengaluru If You’re Nostalgic


Post-liberalization, Bengaluru has grown into the IT capital of India. This sudden modernization has led to in-migration from different corners of the world. As a result of which the city has evolved into a melting pot of cultures. While some people love Bengaluru for its cosmopolitan culture, some have come to hate for the very same reason. They miss their old “Bangalore” from the pre-IT revolution eras. If you are one of those people who can’t even recognize their Namma Bengaluru now that it has transformed into a concrete jungle. You might want to check out these places where the essence of the past still lingers.

Bangalore Palace: It is believed to have been inspired by the Windsor Castle. This excellent display of Tudor architecture is said (in some stories) to have housed Tipu Sultan during his summer visits. It was built by the first principal of the Central High School and is currently caught in the midst of a legal ownership battle. But don’t you worry, the palace’s thirty-five rooms have plenty of space for you!


Koshy’s: Any article about Bengaluru is incomplete without a mention of Koshy’s. The winner of MTV’S award for the Most Stylish Place in Bangalore, Koshy’s is a very popular restaurant on St. Marks Road. On its long list of dignitary visitors, the restaurant has the unrivaled prestige to its name. Today, it has become a meeting point for journalists, artists, theater persons, students, and foreigners.


Vidhana Soudha: This magnificent white building, spread over 60 acres of land. It houses the State Legislature and the Secretariat of Karnataka. The largest legislative building in India. It is the most important feather in the cap of Dravidian architecture. Especially when it is lighting up on Sunday evenings, the magnificent building is a sight to behold. But make sure you plan your trip in advance. Because you can’t enter the building unless you have prior permission.

While indulging in nostalgia once in a while does well to your heart and your soul. You should understand that it is essential to change with the changing times. And who knows, your favorite hangout spot of today might become a revered heritage sight in future!


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